Saturday, August 6, 2022

Free in shape and color - exhibition walls for your messages

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

6 original sandwich recipes

 Snacks do n't have to be just a meal for days when we're short on time, right? Choosing healthy ingredients can be another variant for family meals, that's why today we bring you  6 original sandwich recipes  to prepare sandwiches that captivate the smallest of the family with their shapes and colors.

With these ideas to present the  sandwiches  in an original and fun way, we can incorporate different ingredients into the filling that the kids might not otherwise want to eat, such as vegetables. Surely in front of one of these sandwiches they don't even look at what they have inside! We see? Know more about Salkara restaurant Dubai.

In the main image we can see some  turtle-shaped sandwiches  that I found beautiful. The shape of the loaf already suggests the idea of ​​using it to make a little turtle and in addition to the filling that we have chosen, to complete the illusion we will only need a few thin slices of cucumber and a few balls of cheese to make the eyes.

Original sandwich recipes. the frog prince

Surely you know the story of the frog prince and not long ago Disney has made a movie inspired by this story: The Princess and the Frog. Surprise the little ones with a "fairy tale" sandwich using a round bread, such as  pita bread , and making all the details with vegetables, slices of cheese, olives... everything you can think of that can serve you to turn the sandwich into a cute toad.

Original sandwich recipes. a rabbit

To make your bunny-shaped sandwich you will need crustless sliced ​​bread and a large heart-shaped cookie cutter. You cut 3 hearts of bread: two will serve to make the sandwich with the filling that you like the most and the third you cut in half to make the ears. You cut the center of the ears and the trunk in a slice of cheese, with an olive you make the snout and with some strips of carrot the mustaches. The eyes that you see in the image are made of sugar and are sold in pastry shops, but you can also make them with cream cheese and a piece of black olive. You might be interested in Al Ibrahimi Restaurant Dubai.

Original sandwich recipes. A clown

Always with sliced ​​bread we can make a smiling clown for the little ones. You can make the sandwich as you like, for the hair you use grated carrot, the bow is made of zucchini or cucumber, the nose is a tomato, the eyes and mouth are cut out of a slice of cheese and the smile is drawn with chives.

Original sandwich recipes. Nintendo

This ‟Nintendo” sandwich has blown my mind! How much imagination! If your little ones are addicted to video games, they will surely love this original sandwich. Of course, to eat it, it will have to be closed!

Original sandwich recipes. hidden spider

I love this little spider spying on us from inside the sandwich. By cutting a window in one of the slices of bread we have ready the space through which this little bug will peek out. The eyes are made with cheese and olives, the legs with zucchini or another somewhat hard vegetable, such as carrots or peppers.

What do you think  of these original sandwich recipes ? It takes a bit of time to prepare, but the happy faces on children's faces when they see these special treats make it worth the effort!